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Few women are completely satisfied with the appearance of their bodies, and it's common to be discontent with the appearance of the breasts. One of the reasons women feel self-conscious about their breasts is, as SteadyHealth readers reported, the fear that their breasts won't be considered attractive by men. 

Maybe you think that your breasts are too big or too small, that your areolae are too large or too small, or that your areolae have the wrong color. What do men really think about different kinds of breasts, and — should you care?

What Kind Of Breasts Do Men Find Attractive?

What kind of breasts do guys really like? That depends on the man. 

One study found of men from New Zealand, Samoa, and Papua New Guinea found that:

  • Symmetrical breasts are highly desired among men from all these countries. 
  • Many men prefer larger breasts, but guys from Papua New Guinea had the strongest preference for larger breasts out of all the three groups. The researchers concluded that this finding somewhat supports the idea that men from poorer countries or socioeconomic groups prefer signs of calorie reserves for evolutionary reasons. (Women who aren't malnourished are more likely to enjoy healthy pregnancies.)
  • Women who wonder whether large or small areolae are preferred may be surprised to learn that this study found that preferences for areola size greatly vary by culture. From this, women can only conclude that there is no areola size that is nearly universally considered unattractive — good news for self-conscious ladies out there!
  • Preferences for the color of the areolae also vary from culture to culture. Some men prefer darker areolae, while others prefer lighter ones.

Another study found that many men prefer large breasts when those breasts are viewed from the front, while considering smaller breasts more attractive when viewed from the side. (You obviously can't have both in one woman!)

What's more, guys who are looking for short-term hook-ups have a much greater preference for extremely large breasts than those who are looking for a long-term, committed, relationship. 

Should You Care What Men Might Think About Your Breasts?

Well, yes — and also no.

Breast symmetry is the only aspect of breast appearance that is nearly universally considered attractive to men. Preferences for other aspects of breast appearance are so dependent on culture (and perhaps personal preference) that it's really impossible to say that "my breasts aren't attractive to men". 

If you see your own breasts as unattractive it is, in other words, time to stop selling yourself short. Your breasts are fine the way they are, and many men across the globe will think that they're wildly attractive. 

One of the studies I referenced above specifically noted that men who are looking for long-term relationships are really more interested in your personality than in the appearance of your breasts. That seems crucial for a relationship to work out over time, doesn't it? And, let's be honest for a moment — if you are not looking for a long-term relationship but for a short-term hookup, it is not all that important what the guy in question thinks about your breasts, is it?

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