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Prostate massage therapy is a medical or therapeutic practice where the prostate gland in males is stimulated for such reasons.

It is important to mention though that the practice of prostate massage therapy is supported by anecdotal evidence and scientifically, at best, by small case studies.

Medical research, in general, doesn't support the use of this therapy and it has been indicated by researchers and healthcare practitioner that further research is needed before it can be used as a standard medical treatment or advice.

Indications for Prostate Massage Therapy

Although some doctors may not support the use of prostate massage therapy, there are certain male patients that may benefit from this procedure.

Men with the following conditions may experience some symptomatic relief due to prostate massage therapy:

  • Erectile dysfunction - prostate massage therapy was used for the management of erectile dysfunction (ED) before PDE5 inhibitors such as sildenafil and tadalafil became available as prescription medications to help with this condition.
  • Painful ejaculation - massaging the prostate may help to unblock obstructed seminal vesicles that produce semen which is expelled by the prostate during an orgasm. The discomfort and pain caused by these blockages can then be alleviated by this therapy.
  • Infection of the prostate - prostatitis used to be managed by massage therapy of the prostate gland before more specific and specialized treatments such as antibiotics became available. 
  • Obstructed urine flow - the prostate gland surround the urethra where urine flows from the bladder out of the penis. When the gland swells and enlarges, the urethra is constricted which affects the flow of urine. Massaging the prostate may help to reduce some of the swelling which can improve urinary flow.

Performing a Prostate Massage

Prostate massage therapy should only be conducted by those who are trained to perform the procedure. Finding a trained individual who can perform this therapy may be challenging but primary care doctors may be able to refer a patient to such a healthcare professional.

During the prostate massage, the trained individual will insert a gloved and lubricated finger into the rectum to gain access to the prostate gland. The gland will then be gently pressed on or massaged for a few minutes.

The procedure may be somewhat uncomfortable but it should never be painful. If the pain is ever experienced during a prostate massage, the person performing the procedure should be informed immediately.

Several sessions of this therapy may have to be performed every week for about a month in order to experience relief of symptoms from the condition causing the problems.


Prostate massage therapy hasn't been extensively researched and as such is not an evidence-based treatment that is suggested by the majority of healthcare professionals.

However, there are patients that may benefit from the procedure but if symptoms have not improved after a few sessions, then these patients should rather consult with their primary care doctors or specialist urologists to be examined and investigated further. There may be an underlying condition or disorder that the massage therapy may not manage adequately enough and this will have to be treated with the correct interventions.

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