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Hi I'm having cataract in my left eye and it is mature and i consult a doctor and he told me that it needs to be operated my age is 52 years and he suggests me different kind of lenses like multifocal and monofocal, he told me that the monofocal lenses are good as they have sharp and bright vision as compare to the multifocal and they use hydrophobic(aspheric) monofocal lens which isgood for driving and daily work and the incision will be about 2.8 mm and he told me that it's up to you that which lens you prefer. He suggested me the tecnis 1 lens monofocal and one from bosch and amo.

So please help me out with your suggestions, which lens is good and which lens brand is most trustable and good for my eyes.



Hi Here is a little info on the type of lenses in cataract surgery. Foldable Lenses are made of a soft material and require a smaller cut to be made during surgery. Multifocal Lenses improve near vision without compromising distance vision. Aspheric Lenses provide better contrast sensitivity Toric Lenses help correct astigmatism, a type of refractive error. 

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