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I started getting a bright red rash on my face and legs after showering starting about 7 months ago. It looks like I have a sunburn on my face and its very dry. It usually fades some after about an hour or two. I went to the dermatologist hoping for some kind of answer, yet all I got told was that I'm allergic to something and to take antihistamines. I have been using the same shampoo and everything that I always have used so I don't think it's the cause. I'm just so tired of not seeing any change, I'm still getting this bright red rash EVERY single time I shower. I have no clue what to do seeing that doctors can't help me apparently. If anyone has had something similar or knows what could be wrong with me please let me know! I need some answers!


My 14 yr old son is having the same thing. He does have eczema, but never on his face. He is on antihistimines. Have u found a cure yet