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Ohkay so i have a bad smell coming from my crotch area and it bugs me cause i know if i can smell it then so can others...ANd it embarasses me.. My sis said it smelled like fish and to me im not sure what it smells like but it smells bad..Not normal.... And also i was ondering how girls bcome loose after sexual activity? just for future refrences so i dont become loose when im older but with my hormones i think im gonna b a sex addict but i do have power to say no..But its jus i want it all the time and i want to kno where to draw the line n how not to become loose or anything.. And get rid of this smell... Please helllp me..


Wash daily to help reduce the smell. Use clean warm water. Don't place soap on intimate areas as it can make things worse. Instead buy some special soap or bodywash from the chemists / pharmasists, look up one called "femfresh" as it's made specially for women to use on their intimate areas.

If this doesn't work you may need to see a doctor. Is it itchy? Does it burn? If it does then it could be thrush - an easily treatable yeast infection that occurs naturally and isn't sexually transmitted. It requires a cream and a single tablet to cure and you can ask for it over the counter.

If the smell still doesn't go away then see a doctor as there is a condition that can cause this.

For intimate tightness - it's all a matter of practice. We have "pelvic floor" muscles, the ones you use to help you pee. By squeezing these tight a few times a day, for a few seconds at a time, you can strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. It may be more difficult at first, but it does become easier.
Sit back, then pretend you are trying to stop yourself mid pee. You should feel your lower area tighten, sometimes it can help to tighten your buttocks when you try this.
If you want to feel the effects, simply try placing a finger or two inside your vigina while you do this, you should be able to feel your insides tighten around them, only slightly at first, but the more you practice the stronger your pelvic floor will get.

Hope this helps :-)


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Have you considered the type of food you're eating as a possible cause for the odor?
Just a thought.

Why do you think girls become loose from sexual activity?
You've been listening to too many old wives tales, or are they school boy's tales?
I don't think there's much danger of that unless your bf want's to see how a beer bottle will fit in there, or a telephone pole o.O and you let him :O

Babies come out of there and husbands go right back in without any complaints that I've ever heard. I didn't notice any looseness after my wife had two babies and a husband who was in there a lot when we were young.

I think that's more of a derogatory statement about a girl when guys only wish they were lucky enough to have her. Sort of like the way they say nasty things about the girl with large breasts. They just wish they could play with them and because they can't they have to berate the girl. It's all schoolboy nonsense.

You're going to bless some lucky guy with your hormones and he won't complain about it being loose. :-D