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Hello. I'm 22 year old male and I have some questions about exercises for abdominal muscles.
You see, I have problems with my lower abdominal muscles because no meter how hard I exercise my lower abs don’t show at all.
I don’t have these problems with my upper abdominal muscles.
The biggest problem is my small belly pooch. I was convinced that if I do a lot of exercises my bally would disappear and that I would develop good abdominals. Like I said, this didn’t happen to me.
So, I'm interested to find out some information about some good exercises for my lower abdominal muscles.


I have just read your post and I would like o help you because I know a bit about exercises and body health.
First of all, you are under wrong impression that your abs are divided into lower and upper sections. This isn't true.
You see, there is only one abdominal muscle called rectus abdominis, a long muscle that travels from your lower chest to your pelvis.
No meter how hard and often you do your exercises; your abs will not show until you loose some weight.
Don't expect to do 'lower' abs exercises to get rid of a lower belly pooch before you loose all the extra fat. There are a lot of great target exercise for your lower abs such as lying on your back and lifting your legs until they’re vertical or the exercise called- “hanging leg raises”.


Hi My name is Trish

I weigh about 139lb, my hieght is 5.6". I have a lower belly muscle pouch which does not have any fat consumption. The muscle needs to be tighten. I have had three children, since my last child it has been 13years. Is is possible for my belly muscles to be tightened.

Please help

Thanks Trish