Hi. Let me start off by saying I'm a 16 year old male. Recently since April 11th, I started noticing a bubbling feeling in different areas of my stomach, around the abdominal area and sometimes the belly button too. I feel like I have gas trapped by my left hip and a lot of the bubbling seems to come from the left side of my stomach where the colon is located and also right underneath my left rib. A bubbling feeling also happens on the right side of my stomach and the middle but not as much as the left. Sometimes when it bubbles on the left it feels like it's going to my left hip while sitting down and it feels like gas as I mentioned before. There is sometimes also a bubbling feeling in my lower back on the left. I don't feel like I really feel any pain but I have had a little pain here and there but nothing much. I should also mention I've had loose stools recently and I think I have a hemorrhoid because after a BM my anal area feels uncomfortable or itchy and I've had blood on the toilet paper but not in the toilet bowl. This morning when I went to the washroom my first stool was a floating one and then I had to strain the rest out which were loose stools that all went to the bottom of the bowl. The colour seems normal. I went to my doctor today too who then said I need to get a blood test and send a stool sample and come back for results. I'm getting more worried by the day and I don't know what this is but I've searched up my symptoms and have gotten increasingly worried by the day and it's all I think about now. Can anybody relate or does anyone know what I might be going through?