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Well all this started at the start of the year.
my general symptoms are
- stomach spasm (which can actually casue my whole upper torso to twitch o.O
- alot of gas in little portions (well im assuming it is)
- stomach cramps sometimes (the squirming feeling, I roll in bed sometimes because of them)
- inability to bowel movement frequently
- it constantly feels as if im pushing out gas or a solid, like all of it is just sitting at the end of my rectum
But after I list these is it possible for the bad smell to be just me sweating so much from being anxious all the time. I can't find out what the smell is because I can't smell it and people around me won't say because they don't want to upset me.

I've been to several doctors and none have given me a definite diagnosis. My problem is that i've been having trouble holding in my gas :'( and my bowel movements have been less frequent. Another thing is that I have developed trouble with anxiety because I know people can smell me. but the weird this is that after I smoke a cigarette I have a really bad urge to go to the toilet but without the cigarette I can't go for days at a time. Another thing is that I smoke pot a few times a week and everytime I smoke the smell that comes off of me gets alot stronger, my mates say they feel disoriented or light headed around me (no their not stoned). The first doctor I went to told me to get a fibre supplement, well I did that and nothing worked. The second one prescribed me with Flagyl as he thought I was suffering from a stomach parasite, well I took that stuff for a week and it did nothing so I went back to him and he wanted a blood test and said I may be lactose intolerant so he said stay off the dairy for a few weeks and come back.


It sounds to me like what you're suffring from could be crohn's disease or IBS from what I hear, although have you considered quitting pot to see if that isn't perhaps aggravating your digestion? I know it sounds silly, but it can't hurt to rule out all the possibilities, right? Try that and also see a gastroenterologist about getting treatment.