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Im 17 years old I'm not fat,I'm I'm skinny and fit and for the past 4 weeks my left nipple hurts and its sore. i have read its because of puberty but i have already gonna through puberty. I'm getting worried. Can anybody calm my nerves down because I'm really getting worried. you can actually see the difference between my right and my left nipple my left sticks out and my right doesn't. I have a lump behind my left nipple.



yo man im 13 and i have the exact same problem, but i have lumps under BOTH my nipples, i had it on just my right nipple, then it spread to my left. My dad said he had it when he was about 17. Its just the body growing up. but tbh, i honestly think i have cancer. seeing how it spread and i have  lost a quite a bit of pubes and hair. just abit they just fall out it i tug them abit. Hope it clears bro.