Hello I am a 19 year old female I dont smoke, dont drink, I work out daily, I dont eat super healthy but not super bad either. I have been having a burning in the center of my chest since yesterday midday. It could be heartburn but mylanta, pepto, and baking soda water had very very little effect on it. Also last night I had a sharp pain under my left breast got worse when I yawned or breathed deep. Then just tonight I got a sharp pain in my left shoulder (feels a bit like a pinched nerve) and slight pain in my neck. My grandfather died of a heartattack in his late 50s but he was an alcoholic as well. Other than that no history of heart problems. All the women in my family have ulcers and they all struggle with IBS and acid reflux. I have never personally had any of those problems. I have a drs appointment tomorrow for something unrealated and plan to bring up this pain but I want to make sure I shouldnt go to the ER! Thank you a ton.