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one of my close friend diagnosed with colon cancer and it spreads to the liver, doctors predict that she only have around 1 week to go. she is only 22 this year and have to leave her love ones. she is currently in china and not recieving any treatment as the doctor in china says that it is already the final stage and giving her chemo will only . i really can't see her leave without even trying to get any treatment. is there anything that can be done? such as surgery or something? the tumor in her liver is around 5.2 cm by 5.2 cm big, and also another 2 smaller ones. she is still very strong and i really hope that something can be done to help her.



It is very unfortunate to hear such stories. I know that cancer takes out many lives all around the world. The colon cancer is very dangerous as many other cancers, but the treatment is not possible in all conditions. The fact that she is final stage is giving her less chances of survivor because the chemotherapy and radiotherapy might not be enough. I am not sure did they tried to perform the surgery to remove the cancer? The tumor that she has is a big one. The fact that cancer has spread to other organs as well doesn’t give her much chance. I hope that they will find a solution for her.


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