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Well tomorrow is the day my tonsils are leaving me. I've stocked up on Gatorade, soups (just the broth ones), popsicles and jello. I have my huge bottle of Lortab Exlir the doctor prescribed to me (I get 2 more refills, I don't even know if I'll need that much. The first bottle is pretty big already). I also have a prescription for lidocaine.

I've been reading everyone's experiences and I'm a bit nervous as to what to expect with my situation. I know everyone is different. I have always healed faster than most people so I'm hoping it will continue this way. I'm going to do what others have done and log each day and what is going on.

I'm taking off work from October 9th to October 20th. Hopefully that is enough time. I'm going to try to work from home (I work in IT, so I'll pretty much be communicating through emails).

Wish me luck! :-S


Alright, it's been almost one week since I got my tonsils out. Today isn't too bad. Ears hurt, swollen uvula, throat hurts, upper body is stiff. I say it's not TOO bad, because a couple of nights ago I was crying and wanted to die. The pain was excruciating. I think the scabs fell off on the right side of my throat, but the left side it seems like they are still there.

I'm so sick of the lortab exlir. I am sick of the taste of it, and I can't sleep on it. If I finally do fall asleep I can only sleep for about 2 hours at a time. I usually wake up in pain because I haven't been drinking anything.

I found out if I try to talk too much my throat hurts more, so I haven't really said anything today. *sigh* %-)

Advice for anyone about to get a tonsillectomy. DRINK FLUIDS OFTEN! It's going to hurt going down, but trust me, in the long run, you'll be much happier.


Well I'm pretty much all healed up. I have slight pain in my throat, ears and back of tongue, but nothing extreme. That wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I thought I was going to have more painful days.



Glad to hear that you are all healed up.

Can you give any tips?

I am nervous because I will soon have mine done.

Do you know what technique the doctor used.


k im 16 and im up to day 3

day 1 not to bad i was in the hospital and the guy beside me was my age and we talk and it was fun

night 1 i stayed up all night crying lost my ability to talk hurts like hell when i swallow and i havent eaten a thing since day -1

day 2 spent the entire day watching the spider man movies and fight club and dodge ball in serios pain i also have alot and i mean ALOT of drool like bloody drool

day 3 well i slept fine the other night just woke up and i think it might be getting better still searching the web for useful tips on how to get better faster