40 year old female

four childbirths, mid body lift, two lips and rynoplasty.  This was the most painful experience.  The first two days are great.

Day one, surgery went find.  pain level 2. Left the hospital an hour later.  cleaned kitchen when I got home. didn't eat anything. back of throat looks gray and black

Day two eat chicken salad, pain 2, cleaning up and moving around. gray and black

Day three,  pain 4, ears starting to pop and hurt.  turning yellow and white.  hurts constantly

day four, waking up is a 6.  Pain really bad, so sore, hurts to drink meds.  feels like razor blades going down.  Sprite mixed with meds take the edge off.  Ears and jaw hurts.  it's painful.  eating ice cream helps but then mucus.

Day five, sucks!  pain is a  6-7, ear pain.  completely white with one strip of blood.  went to school to take my final and after I got up and fell in class.  spranged my ankle.  sucks

Day six, still hurts about a 6.  meds every three hours.  I had four bottles of liquid lortab and only have on bottle left.  I put my finger back there and scrapped off a little white, soft stuff.  scabs no hard.  Feel irrated and like I could cry all the time.  I'm tired of this.

Day seven, same painful ear, meds every three hours, ibrofen every four hours (as directed by ent) said there is no risk with it post surgery.  Ice cream is now hurting and warm teas feel better on the throat.  I just want this to be over.  All days I had a tissue hanging out of my mouth so I didn't have to swallow.  drank a lot of ice water all days.