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I have three months left to train for a 3K race, my last 3K race (a year ago) was an 11:50, my most recent mile time was six minutes flat and I can run a 12K in an hour. I weigh in at 142 pounds and am 5' 11 with a low body fat percentage. Recently I have been doing P90X and a lot of long distance aerobic running (40 minutes most days, a 1 1/2 hour run and a 2 hour run with one break day doing cross training. I plan on continuing P90X but making my running more intense and specific.

My goal is a 10:20 time in the 3K this year.

1. Apart from integrating speedwork what do you suggest to help me reach this goal?

2. Does anyone know of any sites, or ways I could imput my traiing information to get a predicted time?


Apart from making sure that you get down the gym and do some decent squats and lunges to work on your leg strenght then interval training is going to be your key to success over the 3km. You should make sure that you are going out on at least one slow long run a week though to aid recovery and boost your lactate threshold.