My baby was diagnosed by ultrasound with GERD at a month old. We started out with Zantac with no luck. We are now giving him prevacid(compounded) and it's not working either. I do all the normal stuff...elavate at bedtime, nursing sitting up, burp well. I have been having to gove him Gripe Water everyday which seems to calm down the gassiness, but not the other stuff! NOTHING helps! Constantly spitting/throwing up. At our 4 month check up, he had went down to the 5th percentile with weight and 0 with height. He was in the 50/25 when he was born. His development mentally is normal. We are now having to go see a GI specialist and I'm scared to death. Can anyone tell me what to expect? Is my baby going to need surgery??? My first child didn't have this and it's so hard!!! Any advice???