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I am 57. I have not had period for 4 years. I have had hot flashes and night sweats for 8 years. I have never taken HRT. I have used herbs and vitamins--but they make no difference. Is it too late to start HRT?


:-D Hi Watersong,
What a lovely name!!! Anyway after being a surgical menopause for over 20 yrs and being younger than you and after trying everything traditional or otherwise that comes along to relieve my horrific symptoms I understand where you are coming from with the no help from much!!!!
That being said in my search I have found something that IS helping :-D :-D I came across a menopause formula that is holisitic and it rocks... My life is back and most days I am good to go. It does not take everything away but it does do a bang up job. It works out to less cost than my last try at HRT!!
this is what the indications for use say: For fast relief of discomforts associated with menopause: hot flashes, sweats, chills, clammy skin, heat in the head, headaches, hot feet, mood swings, anxiety, sensitivity, and wanting to be alone.
My sis carries a bottle in her golf bag & even in her meetings she takes her sprays!!!! We shout this out to the world. If you want to learn more about this then please contact me you have nothing to loose here!!!!! except perhaps some heat!!!!! ;-) hope to hear from you in the meantime take care Peggy

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