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I was 28 when I had my total hyster, I am now 35 and the hot flashes are still winning:(  I went from having hot flashes every 45 minutes on the dot, around the clock, to having them every few hours around the clock.  I refuse to take HRT.  Regardless the only thing that has helped so far is Black Cohosh, herbal supplement.  I recently (December 2010) decided to venture into the world of acupuncture.  So many people says it works to completely eliminate or help with hot flashes.  When I went to a very reputable acupuncturist she told me it may not help because I've been having them for so long:(  To date I've had 5 sessions of the acupuncture.  No relief, in fact maybe more intense hot flashes.  I am still being hopeful and continuing treatment.  The other medicine my doctor gave me right after my hyster was Effexor.  That medication is an anti-depressant.  It is supposed to help with the hot flashes also.  I'm guessing due to the fact that it gives me decreased sensitivity to stress!  I've asked every doctor I've encountered how long will the flashes last?  Not one single doc can give me an answer.  Kinda absurd eh!  Well hopefully some of the things I've shared can help someone else.  Good luck::))


I had a total hysterectomy 16 years ago and also suffered terribly from hot flashes.  I did research on the interent and came across a suggestion that has helped tremendously.  My doctor agreed to give it a try.  I take Gabapentin - the generic for Neurontin.  I started off with 300 MG in the a.m. and 300 MG before bedtime.  That worked for awhile but then I had to slowly increase the dosage.  I have been holding steady at 900 MG in the a.m. and 900 MG before bedtime for the last two years. I still get the occasional hot flash but they are certainly bearable compared to what I was going through.  No more night sweats so I sleep the night through.  I hope this helps.