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My husband and I tried to get pregnant for many years, through all the medications we finally gave up in November 2010. When I miscarried again after implanting 6 embryos and I was turning 45 this year. We figured we would save our money and maybe try donor material.

Now I haven't had a period in 10 weeks. I felt some cramping earlier this week and thought perhaps my cycle would start, but it never did and so I thought perhaps I was starting menopause. This week I've been more tired than normal and I feel like I swallowed a watermellon and I'm feeling a bit nauseous not to mention I'm having some slight headaches.

I'm having a hard time getting my head around 4 years of fertility treatments, surgeries etc. and we were unable to conceive a viable pregnancy and now that all the medication has stopped this can happen, can it?


I'm sorry you have to go through all this, trying, miscarriage and everything... and now, it's really hard to say what is going on - hormonal treatment definitely could cause the symptoms that are similar to the pregnancy symptoms, but, to some extent, menopause is also major hormonal imbalance and it also can reflect itself through the same signs, mainly the prolonged time between periods, as you know already. But still, did you do a pregnancy test? I know that chances after everything you have tried are small, but it still is possible. Wish you the best!