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Hello, all!

I've been feeling very off for about 10 days. I am sexually active, but my boyfriend and I always use a condom (of course that doesn't mean that pregnancy is impossible). I never thought that I could be pregnant until he said something about it. I just thought I had some sort of weird illness. My period is due within the next three days. Here is a list of what I'm experiencing (which is nothing like PMS I have ever experienced):

+Sore/tender breasts, VERY tender nipples, and swollen breasts. One is getting darker and they are developing little bumps.

+Nausea--Rather awful nausea. It's very on and off. I didn't have it until about three days ago.

+Cramping on my left side. It's very low, about where the pubic hair line starts. It's like menstrual cramps dulled down many times. The first three days it was almost all day, and now I feel a "cramp" maybe 5-10 times a day for a minute each time. About five times during this past week and a half has it actually gone to the right side. It's been pretty much isolated to the left side.



+Lower backache (especially if I sit very straight or lie down)

+Shoulder aches (less frequent than the backaches)

+Frequent pooping (I usually go once a day, now I'm going 5-6 times a day, and it's almost diarrhea-like.)

+I'm very gassy

+I'm bloated, and feel some slight pressure on my left side where it cramps.


+Mood swings

That's all I can think of at this time. My boyfriend noticed the difference and brought up the possibility of a pregnancy about 3 days ago. I had not considered it before, so not hypochondria was contributing to me feeling the way I am. About two and a half months ago I miscarried. I was roughly eight weeks along. I took a pregnancy test three days ago, and then I took another yesterday (but my urine was very diluted, not first morning urine) and the more sensitive test (25 mUI), but it was negative. The first one was an Equate pregnancy test and showed a light vertical line (meaning pregnant) and showed the control line, but never showed the horizontal line that is supposed to intersect the vertical line for a "pregnant" result.

Do you guys think I could be pregnant? I have another test that I'm planning on taking later this week.


Some people on another site said that I copied and pasted that list, but I certainly did not. I formed that list from my own experiences. Also, I so frantically typed up that message that I didn't check for typos. Ignore any typos. I'm very sorry about that.


I am going through the samething, five days late and a negative test.


i am goin through the same thing but i havent had my period for 7 months now it always delays 5 months but now its more than 5months i am getting seriously worried by now i am scared that somethings wrong i have been to the doctor i got a pregnancy test a month ago and it came out negative the doctors tell me everything is fine i want to get pregnant but i dont get my period regular they gave me birth control once to regulate it but it dident my husband and i are affraid i cant get pregnant because of my period that the only thing they have told me that it is wrong i am a foster parent we want to adopt but i also want my own i want a new born i want to know how it feels