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Ok the story is me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex only two days after my period ended and i'm not really sure if he ejaculated in me or not. Anyway for the past two weeks i've felt really nauseous (no vomitting), I've been cramping much like if i were on my period and I've kept a temperature of 99-99.3 which i read that was a sign of pregnancy, I've also had mild headaches, been constipated, I'm constantly tired, my breast are very tender and my period is now 5 days late. I took a test two days ago and it came back neg. could these syptoms be because of stress or am i pregnant? Can someone please help me??


Hi there a temp that has elevated can also be another sign .... would you be able to help me out a bit an let me know a bit more information???

i know you are 5 days late when you took the test did you use your first urine of the morning?
also how many day cycle and when you last know Full period was ??