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I had to stop the pill at the beginning of the month after taking it for a year. i need to wait until i get my period to start my new pill but it still hasn't come and i'm about 5 days late now.

about 1 week ago i had serious cramping pains through my vigina deep into my under belly all the way through to my anus (it sounds gross, sorry) since then i've started feeling very tired (even after i just wake up) my nipples hurt and my breasts are starting to hurt. i unually have a few back problems but they feel worse then normal, all the way from my upper back to my lower back. i'm feeling sick after eatting but not vomitting... wats going on with me? am i pregnant? i haven't had time to get a test but will get in soon.. im just stressing out.. 8-| can anyone help me? any advise?
xxx :-)


wELL i THINK YOU have some investagating to do But you should always treat yourself as if you were pregnan tuntill you've found out I think you should wait a moth or two before you make that decision. o.k kizz