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Please somebody out there help me....please I am begging for step by step instructions on how to do this.  I was thinking of going into withdrawal from suboxone and then taking methadone for a month just to get through the suboxone withdrawal...body wouldn't be addicted to methadone at that point.  My teeth are decaying rampantly and will have to get dentures for the roof of my mouth.  I had beautiful teeth.  And I am thinking that if my teeth are decaying then my bones have to be decaying as well.  I ache from head to toe everyday. Also have fibryomyalgia but this pain seems different.  Please, Please, Please somebody help me. Depression is so great!!! I just want to be normal again...whatever that is. It is ok to contact me there because I don't know how to work my way around this site that I have just signed up for. I need hope desperately.  Thanks, in advance, for your help

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Let's start saying that the fact that you are looking for help is really good. You see so many people around doing such crazy things with the suboxone as if they are doing experiments! The best way to solve you problem (short, safe, fast) is looking for an addiction specialist. Addiction specialist is a MD certified by the ABAM (American Board of Addiction Medicine) or  a psychiatrist specialist in addiction psychiatry. they will be able to give you constant support, and you will avoid trying aal kinds of experience with the dosis of drugs that maybe have workout well for other people but evry person reacts differently. It can be hard the first weeks and you may need daily meetings in the fisrt week. Don't waste your time and go direct for a professional , good quality help.