I have a little back story but its needed for my question. Need some advice, so 7 week ago i had an abortion i was 13 weeks it was due to health issues with the pregnancy. So me and my hubby started having sex 2 weeks after unprotected, 9 days ago we did and the next evening i started spotting then a light period like bleeding for 2 days. I been feeling prego cravings, gas, nausea, moody, and exhausted, now the bleeding came and went its been 6 days now i have brown and pink sparatic spotting and slight discomfort on the right side, still gassy and feeling full and peeing alot. Could i be pregnant? I took a test but it was neg probably too soon. Idk when i ovulated cause of the abortion, the nurse at my docs office thinks the bleeding last week wasnt a period, any thoughts???