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so here's my story i was recently seeing this guy who was 23 we've been talking since August my period was feb. 10, 2014 the guy i was with gave me trichomonasis then i got cleared we had sex on feb. 25 and 27 i ovulated on the 24 the next month i spotted alil a week b4 my period was due it was very very light and lasted for three days and the next month the same but less lighter  the guy then gave me gonorrhea and chlamydia and i went and got treated for that they asked was i pregnant i said i didnt know ... we wanna check me in two weeks the next month kinda heavy on the middle day, i started peeing more and eating more burping feeling very gassy and exhausted sensitive boobs...very very moody and diarrhea and constipated i smell myself alot but i dont normally do so i wash extra good, alot back pain like my whole body hurts when i lay down, swollen ankles, cramps here and there some neck pains and bleeding gums when i brush my teeth some pain in my boobys too... tell me please


also i still had no periods.... they all last three days and a week b4 my period was due