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my father has been experincing his hand shaking while he is eating.
This has been going on for quite some time a year or so.
lately , even after laser surgery ( about 5 years agao) he can not see to drive at night.
And most recently he has become dizzy or feeling faint at unusal times. This is not often ..Just cast on occasion in the past month or so.

Otherwise my father is veery vewry healthy man. He even still works every day. Sharp mind
Wondering if these three things are realted in any way...


Sounds like your father is doing pretty good for a 77 year old. The hand shaking is called essential tremor. That means the cause of the tremor is "essentially" unknown. Hereditary factor is suspected to play a part in this. A hand-wrist support may be helpful. A small percentage of laser corrective surgery patients suffer from complications that can make their vision worse than before the surgery. Many old people suffer from orthostatic (positional) hypotension. Standing up or sitting up suddenly from a stationary position can lower their blood pressure to the point of near fainting. Tell your father to avoid sudden movements.