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Im 13 years old and on the back of my penius i can see a thin line of skin that comes from the bottom of my penius to the top and i think it goes inside the forskin and is attatched to my penius so when i try to pull back my forskin it hurts and it dosnt go down that far but when its not erected i can pull it doen to my bellend but it still hurts and i can see the thin line of skin pulling stretching and i can see it when it is erected

so i was woundering what to do ,should i go to the doctors about it or just keep on trying to pull it down hopefully it will losen?


from what i read i assume you were not circumsized? If you don't want that- go see a doctor- he will probably pull it at once and it will be fine but you will have to do it yourself everyday. he can also cut a little slit so the head can come out normally. it's not painful- done with local anesthesia.