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I'm 18 years old and ive recently been circumsized..until recently i thought the reason my skin was retracting fully was because i was uncircumsized and my foreskin prevented me from doing so.It has been 3 months since my circumsizion and when im erect the skin on my penis still does not retract as easily as it should do and the skin around it is generally quite tight. When my penis is flacid there is no problem as it retracts with ease. Does anyone know what the problem is and what i should do to get it fixed? I spoke to a general surgeon who told me he could loosen the skin so that it retracts easier however that involves him cutting into my penis (plastic surgery) and iw ould like to get another opinion on the subject. sincerely oarxigos ;p


If you want a second opinion, go find another doctor to show and ask him.
Perhaps you need a snip... perhaps you need more elaborate surgery.

however, most men, other than perhaps a circumcision or a dorsal slit, do not need extensive work to enable them to have sex.
Do get a second opinion. What could it hurt?

And if your doctor hasn't mentioned it, ask if a dorsal slit is now need.

PS: You never mentioned WHY you had a circumcision at age 18. That might have a great deal to do with what you are experiencing, or what you have to face. It is not common to wait until that age before a circumcision is performed, in American culture. Your culture may be different.
Care to share WHY it happened?



Your post is very difficult to understand. You say you have been circumcised. Circumcision is an operation to amputate the foreskin. The foreskin is the double layer of skin that covers the head.

If you actually are un-circumcised and still have a foreskin, you need to consider stretching your foreskin to make it looser. You do not need surgery.