Okay, I am a 20 year old female going on 21 here VERY soon. I recently got out of a relationship that was intimate turned abusive. For about a week and a half to two weeks now I've been dealing with a LOT of aching discomfort in my upper abdomen verging on it being painful with no blood at all, excessive gas, slight irregularities, some food that I usually enjoy have started to make me nauseous, weird verging on gross cravings and extremely tired, but I can't fall asleep until late at night. While we were still in contact, my ex told me he believes I may be pregnant, but I'd only be about 2-3 1/2 weeks along right now if I was and it would explain MOST of my symptoms. (Home tests don't work for me.) That still doesn't explain the aching discomfort verging on pain in my upper abdomin.