Hi, since early 2013, I have had to get up about 6 times a night to pee which usually starts at around 03:30 am. When I wake up, I have an aching erection, I go to the bathroom and pass excessive gas (I do not have a gas problem during the day) which immediately stops the erection and the aching. I pee for around 5 seconds then go back to bed for it to repeat exactly the same 10 to 30 mins later,then again etc. I was incorrectly diagnosed with an enlarged prostate and had treatment (made no difference) until I was told I did not have an enlarged prostate last year. After my own investigation, I take oil of peppermint to help stop the excessive gas, and I now wake having close but not full erections with no aching when I wake up to pee. I've been back to the doctors and all they have done is send me back to Urology. I think it has to do with producing excessive overnight gas, putting pressure on my bladder and causing the erections. Sometimes just getting up from bed makes the erection start to fall but I still have to pee. All I want is an uninterrupted nights sleep! I am begging for help! Any advice/help will be extremely gratefully received! I have been searching the web and the best I've come up with is a message board site with men having exactly the same symptoms but no answers! Thank you in advance!