I feel bloated and numb on the left upper quadrant of my abdomen without pain, the numbness extends down to my left foot. Also I burp a lot in order to release gas. No issues with my bowel movements, normal though the color is yellow, also a sour taste on the back of my throat, I now control my diet, i cant eat much for the feeling of bloating increases if I do. When i to touch my stomach, i felt a pain but manageable. What possibly are/is the medical condition/s i am experiencing right now? Please help me, thank you very much.


I had symptoms of gastritis about 5 months ago, acid reflux hit me about 3 weeks ago, i self medicated using Maalox and stopped after 3 days of medication when all the symptoms were gone. I always skip meals usually breakfasts and eating late during lunch. I love to drink beverages particularly cola. Hope this info helps. Thank you very much.