I had a painful attack 2 months ago with the pain continuing. I have had all the standard gall bladder and upper GI tests. All are negative but the pain persists. When I had the HIDA scan, the pain was so intense it took my breath away. My gastroenterologist believes it is my gall bladder. He sent me to a surgeon. The surgeon sent me back to the gastro doctor because I did not qualify for surgery. The surgeon said my pain was most likely acid reflux. My gastro doctor says it is not acid reflux. I have been to the ER and am currently surviving on pain meds.
I have had painful attacks before but none of them lasted longer than 6 weeks or were this constant. I have intense pain in my upper right abdomen and in my upper back under my ribs. I'm nauseated a great deal and the pain is always worse late afternoon and through the night. When I went to the ER I had a low grade fever.
Do I just have to live with this pain for the rest of my life? Can the insurance company deny payment for the surgery if the tests are negative? I would appreciate hearing from anyone who went through the same thing.