warning!!! this is kind gross....I have been having some really strange problems for over a month. I was having moderate to frequent diareah before that but It started tp get bad the first week of jan. I went and had a papsmear done and the ob/gyn told me I had bacterial vaginosis and he gave me some anibiotics for it. As soon as Itook them I felt like I had to make a bowel movement. There was alot of squirming feelings in my lower abdomine and I went to the bathroom and it was clear mucus with bloody tissuey chunks! Not good. I called the doctor they told me to keep taking them!! I did and when I stopped it, it slowly started getting better. And then I had to take some antibiotics for chlamydia ( which is turns out was a misread and me and my boyfriend never had it >:-(...)and it happened again. I think I may have been allergic to those antibiotics or something. Now I have been having occassional black stools, strange bloated feeling in my right abdomin and pain in upper left abdomin that moves to the right. And I am not having bowel movements as much as I used to. When i go to the bathroom I feel like there is something blocking it from coming out and it hurts in my lower left abdomin and lower back/butt area. I'm so confused. I am also 2 weeks late on my period now. I would like to think that I was allergic to those antibiotics and now I'm pregnant, but I'm still a little worried there might be more to all of this. My mom thinks it worms.....ew! I didn't know people could get them.... and peopel in my family have a history of thyroid, colon, and cervical cancer and chrons disease....I hope it's nothing like that!