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Hello good people,

I am looking for some good advice, and I really hope that I am on the right address. A few days ago, my girlfriend went to the hospital. She had some small procedure, nothing serious, but she needs to go to the diet, because doctor told me that this is the best for her health. Now, he told me to find any low – calorie diet program. Since my girlfriend loves cabbage in all shapes, I found this cabbage soup. There is just one little problem, I really don’t know a lot about diet programs, so I was wondering is cabbage soup diet a low calorie diet?

Let me know. 


Hey Guest,

I have to say that you are really an amazing boyfriend, and your girl is lucky to have you by her side. 

As far as about your diet program, cabbage soup diet is a low calorie diet and it is OK, but I have to say that there are maybe some other diet programs that are more suitable for her in that situation.

If she really loves cabbage soup diet, that is totally OK, you can try with this one, but I have to say that this diet lasts only seven days. I don’t know if that is ok with you, I really don’t know if is good.

Good luck anyway! 



Hey there,

Sure it is, but I would not like recommend you that diet as well. At least, not all the time. You really can prepare meals from this diet to her for just one week, but after that week, you should try to find something other to her.

This diet is OK, I don’t know for how long she needs to be on some diet program. Of course, you can try this diet program, but I would not recommend you all the time. It is not THAT healthy :)

I hope that you can find my answer helpful. I am sorry, because I do know that it is not that encouraging.