I was doing so well, and had even dropped 10 lbs last week, after a month at the gym working out seriously, and walking to and from the gym before and after my workouts too.

Then this evening, after returning home from my gym, I had an ALL OUT SALT BINGE. I started with nachos and gooey , delish nacho cheese, had that 3x, then I proceeded onto the pop tarts, and milk. 

I had dinner before I went to the gym. I had eaten a very healthy turkey chilli with salad greens and bow tie pasta. I had 2 servings of that before my gym workout.

Was this tasty, and slightly salty meal at dinner really a trigger for my salt binge after my gym workout? Why do I crave so much salt? I usually feel as though I am in total control of my weight loss and eating just right. Is this a form of self sabatage?