Patti Farrant, a 62 year-old child psychiatrist, gave birth to a baby boy last week. She underwent IVF treatment abroad using a donated egg. The main reason she decided to have a child in her sixties is to make her second husband’s dream come true of becoming a father. She already has three children of her own.

Making such a brave decision, Patti Farrant triggered a national debate over the rights of women to give births this late, over moral and individual decisions. There are many who supported Patti, like her 93 year-old father but unfortunately more of those who criticized her decision and act calling it selfish and irresponsible. Similar names were to doctors and scientists who helped her in realizing her decision.

Little JJ was conceived from the fifth attempt. The treatment cost £10,000 and was carried out under supervision of controversial Italian fertility expert Prof Severino Antinori. The treatment took place in Russia as it is one of the few countries that allowed such treatments and help for the women who wanted to conceive in their fifties and sixties.

Patti and her second husband John Farrant are absolutely overwhelmed by the birth of their son JJ and in my opinion, they certainly should be.