Hi guys!! I hope that you all will be enjoying your good health. I know this is a good place to discuss about every matter of daily life. Well today, I want some logical answers from your side. My friend has met an accident about 3 months ago and she was expecting a child but she lost her child. She has gone through hysterectomy and according to some people, she can never become mother via natural means. She is very much disturbed at this moment. She is separated from her husband and she is living all alone. She is in much depression as the only hope of her has been diminished. In hysterectomy, cervix, ovaries and fallopian tubes are removed from female body. But some of the doctors are saying that she can still give birth to a child but some gave controversial statements. I want to know that if she can get pregnant? If not, then what could be the possible solution for that? Is it possible for her to go for IVF, IMF or any other procedure for her? Now all I need is the reasonable answers to my questions. Your good remarks would be very precious for her. Thanks.