So back in May I went to see my dentist for a cleaning. I hadn't been for a cleaning in over a year. I was told I had to return for a second cleaning since I had not been there for a long time, but lack of money I was unable to go. Anyway, so after a few weeks I noticed a lot of tenderness all around my chin line and behind my ears and in the back of my head. I began to feel this really annoying discomfort on both sides of the back of my neck. So mean while I began to feel really weak and fatigue, and went to see the Doc which told my my white cell count was high (16,000) which then was told I had a infection. At that time I didn't think about the dental cleaning and was sent to see a Hematologist. There they ran all sorts of blood work, x-rays, ultrasounds and others stuff. Everything came back fine except my ANA test was a little high which pointed to a autoimmune disease. More blood work was done and again everything came back fine. Throw all this I am still feeling all these symptoms and developing new once. SO about a month ago I began to feel these sharp pains one under my chin slightly to the right which shoots down my neck and the same pain on the left side in the back of my head. Sometimes I feel both and sometimes one or the other. So a few weeks ago I went to see my dentist again and was told I had a abcist in one of my root canals and the tooth has to be removed. Yesterday I went to get it pulled and well I feel so crappy. I have all these pains every were in my neck and back of head. I'm suppose to be on antibiotics, but I seem to be having allergic reactions to everything they give me (itching, shortness of breath, heavy chest, just weird feelings). I have never had this problem before with antibiotics, but now I am. I also have a highly stress life and have a lot of anxiety. anyone can give me advice please help me I am at a loss already. This is been far to long, I'm at a loss.