I have had right lower abdominal pain off and on for @ a year. Year a go went to the ER who said it was probably a kidney stone, I have passed 2 stones before and this pain was not like that it was all up front. doctor ordered a CT with contrast and they could not find anything. I have had this pain for the last month now and now my shoulder(scapula especially) neck and chest hurt on the same side. The stomach pain is tolerable the neck and shoulder are severe. I tried Naproxin (left over from an elbow injury) And it did not touch the pain. So I am taking loracet and still having pain. I have no problem rotating my arm. It hurts when I breath. The pain is similar to pain I had from a Laporoscopy (tubal) which caused severe gas from them blowing up my belly. But it is more painful. It gets so bad I want to go to the ER. But I hate doing that. Can someone please tell me anything? The only thing I can find with these symptoms is Pancoast tumor. I pray to god that is not what this is. It seems to get worse when I sit for long periods. Some one help me. I'm so afraid.