Since 2011, I've experienced varied symptoms but no clear diagnosis to explain why. These symptoms have all come and gone but bloating and hip pain have been pretty much chronic. Dyspapsia, pelvic pain in right hip mainly and sometimes both. Itching, with and without a rash mainly on my torso but once on my nose. Weight loss initially but am now about 3/4 of a stone heavier than I am normally. Headaches, floaters in eyes, constipation, smelly urine, several non-calcified salivary nodes (5mm) in neck. An episode of extreme hip pain is normally followed by my bloating being relieved and my weight returning to normal for a week or two but then they inevitably return. Tests conducted include; Pelvic / chest X-ray = clear Full blood counts done May 2011 / Dec 2011 and July 2012 = normal Low Vit D (19) Endoscopy = mild duodenitis with no ulceration or erosion. H-pylori test through endoscopy and breath test = negative Abdominal u/s = normal but bowel enlarged Thyroid test = normal I am presently waiting for a hydrogen breath test to check for SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth). I'm a 41 year old male, don't smoke and rarely drink alcohol. Grateful for any thoughts / experience of dealing with same symptoms. Thanks in advance.