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Hi..i am so confused and i need help..i had sex with a guy at the 2nd of january 2016 and we used protection which did not break or what so ever...i got my period on the 14th and then i had sex with another guy on the 26th where the condom broke and i took emergency contraceptives after about 43hours..i fell pregnant and i need help about the possible father of the baby as im certain its the second guy 's baby but hes denying...please help


Hi Connie,

Did you expect your period on 14 January?  If so, and it was normal, then the 2nd guy is VERY likely the father.

Timing wise, 26 January would be day 12 of your cycle.  You'd have been at/near your peak fertility.

Short of a DNA prenatal paternity test, he's the likely father - 90% or greater.