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I need help. I had my last period Dec 10 2016 I had sex 2 guys, Guy 1 December 24 sat morning Guy 2 December 27 in the afternoon I keep a track on my calendar I am waiting till January 6 to take a pregnancy test. Is there any one who can help to let me know if I am pregnant who would father my child. The guy 1 pulled out nd came in his hand but am not sure.if he pulled out fast enough. I need help please.?


Hi Tash,

No one can tell you with any high degree of certainty IF you are pregnant.

You'd likely ovulate between December 21 and 26th.  When exactly, we can't tell after the fact.  The egg can survive up to about 48 hours so even having sex on the 27th - it's possible.

You'd need a DNA test.  The pull out method is NOT reliable.