Hi I am 39 years old and 7 weeks ago woke up with a stiff neck and right shoulder pain. The shoulder pain has persisted but has been manageable with tylenol. Then 2 weeks ago I developed severe pain radiating down my arm with numbness and substantial weakness. After an er trip and seeing several doctors and an mri I have a herniated disc at c6-c7. I am also 26 weeks pregnant. I have been off work due to the pain and all the doctors appt. After going to the spine and pain center they floored me with this surgery recommendation. They want to do it in 2 weeks. It has just been 2 weeks since the severe symptoms started and I get a little better every day. This surgery seems extreme and I don't want it to mean future surgeries. Anyone not do it and recover well? Just trying to weigh all the options before going ahead with surgery. I do have a date set just feeling very unsure.