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Weird question: area underneath stomach all week has been given me a great big sort of tug, pull and sting kind of effect. Even when I touch it gently set's it off I thought maybe it was acid or something. I had operation nearly 6 months ago in my abdobminal area. It's starting to get uncomfortable what can I do to help this? 


yeah it sounds like acid reflux to me, could also be GERD.Should check with a doctor.


I have had severe acid reflux problems for almost 10 years and at one point I had completely given up on trying to fix it. I almost developed Esophageal Cancer and felt like the end of my life was on its way. Anyways, After years of searching I came across this blog where a guy told a story about how he cured his acid reflux completely.I read it and it has helped me out tremendously. 

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