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Hi all,
I am contemplating ACDF and was wondering about the actual recovery. When they say 3-6 months recovery time, are you incapicitated that whole time? I see some people who say they are 4-5 months out of surgery and still not back at work and that they feel pain from bending down or picking up something heavy. Also people have complained of being very tired. I am concerned, what if you forget and bend down by accident? Can you do damage to your neck by something so simple? Also, what is your ROM after the surgery? If anyone could post some of their experiences, I would be so appreciative. I am trying to get a realistic idea for when Ill be up and around and when I can go back to work. I think actual people who have it done know better than the drs. BTW-I keep all of us on here in my prayers- I really do.

Thanks alot, Maria


HI Maria, I have not gone through this surgery but my cousin did, and I can tell you that bending down is not something that you even want to consider so I don't think that's something that will slip your mind if you ever feel compelled to do it. I know that she was out for a long time and I think it was about 6 months before she got over it. I hope that this is helpful! When do you go in for a consult?