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Hallux Rigidus on both big toes . Surgery is to consist of bone spurs removed and then the existing flap of cartilage will be placed in the space left from deteriorating joints ... My question is this: the doctor and nurses said 4 weeks recovery . I am an independent home assistant which means along with vacuuming, dusting, beds, bathrooms I rearrange furniture and hang pictures, organizing etc... Being self employed and this being my only source of income I very concerned on the REALISTIC HEALING TIME



4 weeks healing time is general and 'best case scenario' estimate, given just the simple fact that your bone spurs and cartilage will be cut and removed. For bone to completely heal, it can take up to a year, given there is no complications. So, you will feel better in four weeks, but I don't think that you'll realistically be able to get back to work that involves you being this much physically active.

Has the doctor discussed with you anything about special shoes you might need to be wearing? The thing is, you'll have the surgery done on both your feet and I just don't feel they gave you a realistic estimate as to when you'll be able to work,

Wish you all the best,