It is high time that someone tell it like it is about addiction and recovery. I have rarely heard anyone on these boards or an 12 step meetings take any responsibity for their own addiction. It's always a "disease" or they became addicted because of their parents, or their job, or it's the people they hang out with. 

Never have I ever once heard anyone say anything remotely close to, "You know what, I got addicted to drugs or alcohol, and I finally used the brains that God gave me and sought help." I have never heard that. I am not putting down A.A. or anything as it has helped many people, but not even the founders of A.A. neglected personal responsibity and they didn't use the disease model. 

If people would realize that their addictions was solely caused by their own actions and that it wasn't caused by some mysterious disease there  would be far less addiction. It wasn't your parents, your employer, your friends, a disease. It was your choice to get hooked and your choice to stay clean and sober.