had a mri of my kidney and renal arteries and they found a 10mm nodule on my left adrenal gland .the report says that on the in and out phase sequence the nodule is intermediate signal intensity on in phase and incresaed signal intensity on the out of phase .therefore it does not follow the significance of a benign adeoma.so does this mean they think it can be malignent ?

also a year ago i had a 5mm complex cyst in my left kidney that they coouldn t promise for sure wasn t cancer but because of it s location could nt biopsy,so they decided to just watch it,well not it is 10mm and there is another 5mm cyst in the left kidney.i am concerned that maybe it was cancer and now has spread to my adrenal gland,do you think that is possible.i have to get a ct scan this week .

any input would be greatly appresiated thanks tracy