I've been sick for months now. I'm a diabeticand I've had many surgies including thyroidectomy. Here are my symptoms: severe headaches,itching,bad taste in my mouth,chest pain,stomach burning,nausea,I don't hunger or thirst,edema of my hands and feet and ankles,tingling in my head and body,muscle jerking,lightheaddness,dizziness,heart palpatations,and finally I had a fainting spell and very low blood pressure. My body is just plain sick. I can hardly get out of bed. I've lost close to 40 pounds since May. When I went to one hospital they said that I had the flu and sent me home. I was still having the same symptoms and 2 days later I fainted. I went to a different hospital. I was immediatly admitted. I was severely dehydrated and my blood pressure was 70/45. It remained low throughout my stay. They said that I need to drink more fluids and increase my salt intake. But when I came home two days later I fainted again. I went to another hospital. They sent me to see my Endocrinologist, that ended up being the right advice. I told my Doctor my symptoms and he knew immediately what was wrong. He said that it was my Adrenal Glands. He said that those hospials should have tested my endocrine system right away when my blood pressure was so low that I fainted. He took some blood tests and he called me two days later and told me that it is serious. Tommorrow I go to see him. I've read up on Arenal Glands and the news is not promising. I know it could be a tumor or cancer. All I can do is pray. I will get back to you all after I found out the outcome of these tests results. Jaquelle