Hi, everybody,

I am 52 and far-sighted. On one of my visits to my ophthalmologist he told me I had narrow angles. He had never mentioned anything like that before. He said they might close and that I needed laser surgery, but didn't explain more. As I trusted him, I had that surgery done to both eyes. It is called iridotomy. That was 8 months ago.
Since then I have had an inflammation in both eyes, it became better in my right eye, but still persists in my left eye.
I have strange visual aberrations: I see a horizontal white line in both eyes and flashes of light, especially in light environments. I have monocular diplopia in both eyes, because of that I feel I have to vomit all the time. My visual acuity (with glasses) dropped from 20/25 in my right eye to 20/70 and in my left eye from 20/20 to 20/100 (with glasses!).
My pressure which was 17/16 before the surgery is now between 29 and 35 in both eyes, and I have to take glaucoma medication.
I had to give up my job.
What can I do? I went to 2 glaucoma specialists, they only said I would have to get accustomed to my new vision. But I can't.
The consent form I signed only mentioned transitional blur and slightly elevated IOP.
Is there any help for me?