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from India : I done cataract surgery in suffer from eye pressure.pressure is 20 and 22. I used occumoist for dry eyes,z-brom for eye pain.back spots appears in my vision when i saw here n when at night/evening i observerd wen i saw light/windows that black spots looks like 2 treat eye pressure.plz shaare some exprience.


Hey there

My mother has been dealing with high eye pressure and she is very afraid of glaucoma but our doctor has explained that she is fine and that high eye pressure can lead to glaucoma but it could also be prevented. And glaucoma is causing blindness only if it is left untreated.

There are two options in treating high eye pressure. First option is drug treatment and it consists of decreasing the dryness of the eyes and since you are already using one medication to that maybe it would be wise to consult with your ophthalmologist to switch to some other if this one isn’t working properly.

 Second option is surgical treatment. If your condition gets more serious laser surgery is an option but this is also something you need to consider in agreement with your doctor.